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08Nov/185:12 PM

Edward Snowden on Psychotronics

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03Jan/172:56 PM

How to set up Manaserv on Linux

How to set up a manaserv server and client using Debian Linux(serverside) and Windows(clientside).

ManaSourceWe begin by downloading the Client for Windows(the version discussed here is 0.6.1 and a nightly build for Windows. Note that the stable build does not offer an option to choose the servertype we need) The client...

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08Nov/165:55 PM

Psychotronics and Advanced Augmented Reality.

"The electric potential of the mind." - Let's think about the possibillities by intelligently retransmitting such, even living dynamic, signatures, wireless into the perceptors recognition. Plus, you are not alone, thanks to psychotronics, a whole focus group can interconnect theyr minds, inner eyes and ears and perceive any "stimuli...

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