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03Jan/172:56 PM

How to set up Manaserv on Linux

How to set up a manaserv server and client using Debian Linux(serverside) and Windows(clientside).

ManaSourceWe begin by downloading the Client for Windows(the version discussed here is 0.6.1 and a nightly build for Windows. Note that the stable build does not offer an option to choose the servertype we need) The client...

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08Nov/165:55 PM

Psychotronics and Advanced Augmented Reality.

"The electric potential of the mind." - Let's think about the possibillities by intelligently retransmitting such, even living dynamic, signatures, wireless into the perceptors recognition. Plus, you are not alone, thanks to psychotronics, a whole focus group can interconnect theyr minds, inner eyes and ears and perceive any "stimuli...

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01Feb/139:54 PM

Ibogaine - Anti Heroin Medicine

 Ibogaine - Anti Herion Addiction 
An alternative help for people wanting to get away from heroin.

Ibogaine is a hallucinogen that comes from the shrub of a West African plant. It is currently illegal in the United States, but it has helped some to overcome heroin addiction. Users claim the ibogaine experience helps fight the addiction, as well...

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16Jul/126:22 PM

Freenet Publishing with Thingamablog

The Hive - activelink How to publish directly into Freenet with Thingamablog? Here is how it was done with "The Hive".

Freenet is different.
You can run a well managed site, but since there is no PHP or MYSQL support, you can't use widely known tools like Wordpress, Drupal, ImpressCMS&Co.
Thingamablog is an answer! You run it locally(even...

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03Mär/125:29 PM

init.d - Ein Zeichen zum Ausdruck

init.d - Initiative für mehr direkte Demokratie!
Per Copy&Paste soll diese Bewusstseinsfördernde Kampagne ein einfaches Zeichen für mehr direkte Demokratie setzen.

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19Feb/1210:39 PM

Pink Boogie

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