01Jun/171:27 AM


hale-xp: yesterday i saw a fish

The Watcher: oh nice

hale-xp: i then once again was so fascinated how perfect they can swim!

hale-xp: fantastic

The Watcher: yea

hale-xp: what your up to?

hale-xp: plans?

hale-xp: stuff to do?

hale-xp: i try keep up my projects, well their in a bit sleeping phase

hale-xp: but ill stay with them definitely, its clear stuff i want to do and acomplish

The Watcher: nothing much just watching stuff

hale-xp: thats good too and main objective, maintain a happy life the way you wish

hale-xp: we live that here in austria

The Watcher: great

hale-xp: exams all ok?

The Watcher: yup going good so far

hale-xp: its important, and even more important that you be an autodidact in your fields of interest, meaning your your own teacher, education facility

hale-xp: good to hear

hale-xp: youll benefit a lifetime from what you learn and advance

hale-xp: its a true* treasure

The Watcher: i hope so

hale-xp: who knows, maybe you stop the world food crisis! :-)

hale-xp: lets do that perma robotic field together

hale-xp: Flaard

hale-xp: ^^

hale-xp: Flora and aard, earth

hale-xp: its finnish or hollandese idk

hale-xp: with seed logic

The Watcher: cool

hale-xp: its a future in agrar sciences, automated farming

hale-xp: at least plants

hale-xp: i hope that our farmers will survive that

hale-xp: we need to think about a lot of things im sure

The Watcher: indeed

hale-xp: the work of a farmer should get much easier with automated farming solutions

hale-xp: with arduino and a budget we could develop such a permarobotic opensource round field with automated growing

hale-xp: maybe your intrested to do this as your diploma thesis, your ofc always free to do however u whish, the roundfield robot could be really cool

hale-xp: with autark energy household

hale-xp: theres a big hysterese, a buffer, in energy production

hale-xp: solar panels do elektrolyse with water with an hoffmannschen apparat to generate hydrogen

hale-xp: this hydrogen is burned with oxygen to water were electric power is generated and loading a high capacity akku

hale-xp: this akku feeds the field

hale-xp: id eg doesnt water the field if it has rained etc

hale-xp: it*