06Mär/178:14 PM

illuminati now, join yourself!

I'll havensave some money up

your welcome, i have rly a good space for more than one only in like 1 or 2 years though...

id reccomend u graz or vienna, vienna with some of my friends, im like 230km away...

i want live here where i am, and atm, the building isnt finished..

Oh ok



the house in the middle is where i live

the hill belongs to my aunt

its a good place to be imo

a city is only 7mins by bike


not graz, but Bärnbach

graz is 30km away

30m by car maybe

well, thats where i live

Nice looks quiet

i have a lot of freedom here ��

That's good

thats my sitting corner for this and that

left of it in the room is my computer...

here i love doing weed with a friend ^^

same view:



(i live in a paradise here)

but theres a lot of psychotronic testing on me

it will quit in a few years

and then, ill have tons of money, and be free again

im not a free will participant...

i planned to sue them for 2m eur

when the time has come and more ppl are aware of psychotronics and the testing

after that, we will have this key future technology at hand

we can walk together in dreams with it ��


Can't wait


one day ill make a book out of what happened here

the technology itself you will see also without a book from me

maybe watch the movie "strange days" to get the clue

but also avatar


and gamer

Well I'd buy your book and play games with you lol

SAT 04:15

R u awake

SAT 19:53

hi sry only my computer was up...

Oh ok what's up

hi there cassie

how have u been?


im ok too

but soon off to sleep

What have you been up to

was bit frustrating day here...

idk the english terms for it

its better now though

Well that's good to hear what happened

idk i was sensually depreviated whole day

What's that

then it stopped a bit and i got in the mood for a game

sensual depreviation means to turn of reception

u feel like like a unconfortable empty hull then

it got better though

and i played a round civ5

im absolutely not the one to make war, not even in games, but a war victory was open in civ5

so i went for it and suddenly descided to stop it

Oh nice

i wont have that victory...

Oh why

idk it feel better and also i maybe found a bug in the game

i saved it and its a good point to go on though

what about you?

hows your day?

Good nice and easy

good to hear

i need quit it, i go sleep

i whish u a very good night also

SUN 00:32

Sleep well

SUN 02:25

Blinds for you


omg what a butt

i whish u were here and we do that all together ^^

Yep me too

hi maiden

What's up

im listening music, a treasure it seems

retro one


The Knife - Heartbeats (Official Video)

Official video for 'Heartbeats' by The Knife, taken from the album 'Deep Cuts'. Video directed by Andreas Nilsson. More info at:

how was ur day?

i today have a very good day

i got my ok for a state pension

im officially schizophren, but its psychotronic testing

Oh good for you congrats



well thats how things are

Good to hear everything is coming together

it seems o ��

Do u live alone

no with my family

im single though

no worries, i just seek people to talk with an be, not needingly in the same house,, whereas, it would be cool to have you here

i cant promise you for a lifetime atm, but i seek people i can get old with

and who knows, thx to technology, live forever ^^

truth, trust and love is my saying and to me, the holy grail

Same here money isn't shit

I wish money didn't exist

truth leads to trust, and trust leads to love

we can easily be without money i think so too

we need a world without violence and force nore fear

that will lead to people telling their truth and that will fix our problems

besides it will lead to love

Money is the root of all evil I think

i dont think so but i think its also true to think so

u need to be honorable and have integrity

otherwise money is a plain devil


I agree

but with integrity, money is some advancement in our culture

dont buy below price

dont pay too much


that need be clear

and in the future, we will be even without that handling mind

well hopefully just live the most awesome and best we can together on a never ending road

we will*

I hope so


where in the us u come from again?



Omaha, Nebraska


i love it

I'd love to travel one day though

hearing that

i like traveling but im at home a lot, i dont need travel a lot in my way

i can be at home anywhere


whats the time in omaha?

here its 19:29

1230 pm

I'm on my lunch break


omaha maybe means "we live in love as humans and i am human"


i see

the treasure of language means to preserv realities


if the word faded, something has gone

That's why we have to preserve it

try to be a master of human life for all u encounter, and try see in things that you seemingly dont understand

i try that at least

your very right

Well I always say walk a mile in that persons shoes before you judge

thats the meaning of the treasure of langugage

that can be a good mesaure too yes

do u smoke cigarettes?

No I vape though

i love to smoke

and i love vapurisers, my friend has one

we dusted many weeds ^^


things like thymian



vapurising will be part of a good future i feel

its just good

if not abused of course

Yes only if they could get rid of cigarettes but they won't cause they money that's in it

The money*

i want tobaccoo anyways, and yeah, the health thing is just a trick to make it expensive out of the know that so many do and want it

i have the money for my smoke


That's good

its worth it for me

Everyone has a vice

i wont live forever anyways like all other maybe

i just try to live my one best life

Same here


me too

ur cool

Haha I know lol jk


if u ever come to austria, we go a hard way and visit paradise in the middle of hot summer

thats a lake in the mountains

where we have it nice ��

and smoke

i usually dont go there because its too hard

its like 34% steepness/hight idk whats it called

but when u did it

u feel a lot at home

That would be an experience

oh yes

i quit it many years ago


but itd be worth it anytime

its too hard for me

Yeah it would

i got somewhat lame


i want all be comfortable in the meanwhile



do you see what you think?

Sounds awesome

can you imagine be with others that see your thoughts and you seeing theirs?

im on tested these stuff


i have some to me unknown people in my life who se every single thought i have, and they dont even quit when i go to the wc

i wanted be good with them, but their more robotic sadly

im not insane, sry, ull hear this all and know it in a few years

its just bad measures

I'd be posting lots of pics

haha we could dream* together

u imagine you be the street with your intent of posters and a girl talking to me, the thing that is a car and talk to you as a friend

thats our new paradime


lol I believe it lol

hehe ^^

we will have a very new life

you have your "real" profile, and one public

i as i see you, see only you in your public way

Yeah all my pics r really me no lies here


1st, im human in terms of an illuminati, we try live a life in truth trust and love, second i forgott atm ^^

my sister farted and did it too ^^ xD


i did it too ^^

Haha lol


we mate, need to be a bond for a good life and work towards this in any case

while your truth is your truth

sry, i cant promise you millions

but wer not alone ^^

I'm not after money just happiness

hehe hell yea

we need talk a lot

but ofc only if liked

im often down

maybe u find it rediculous, but what about we form the illuminati global?

wer a manner of truth trust and love

lol that's impossible

we believe in blackholes and death, but wer agnostic

if you have a better idea, we will always reconsider

cassie, lets form with me the illuminati that are a force for good and wellbeing

I'd have to think about it

if ur with me, im about to create futability, the discipline of what, is how, and why futurable.

no im* ur ofc etc

not u ofc etc...

but us


we are


thats the deepest logic in it

sry, we have no boundries, we descide as a souvereign

but a souvereign in one mind

that means love and future and life

That's right

at least as humans in and as humans in our human dimension of life

we go for good!




we solve troubles together

in a manner for all incorporated have it good then

the rule is u

and all listen