14Nov/169:56 PM

Truth, Trust, Love

let's try it with heart and history:

only in new times set(isis) standing for love but also the woman were set the same with being the evil part in the duality of light dark, good bad, man and woman. in egypt the osiris(the sun) stood for life and until easter they saw the darkness grow, days becoming shorter. if this went only on, all would die without light(horus) from the sun(osiris) being with isis(love) part of who all* should be. however, when the day the last time gets shorter, it was said the sun died for short in a battle, osiris lost his testacles, standing for fritfulness and life. isis(love) and thot made a magic penis for osiris to survive this, the aegyptian believed and thus worshipped phalluses. also did isis(love) give osiris an magic eye to see in the dark, the eye of horus, meaning in all this dualism a suggestion for a good light way of living, the path of truth trust and love, meaning that your truth will lead to trust and that trust to love, an immortal evergreen so to say, the human tree of life. isis in the dualism stands for set like sunset, re, and was by mistake also taken for evil in dualism in newer times. set stand now for apohis or apep, meaning chaos and evil but this is plain wrong. however, the osiris without real testacles is the woman eva in christianity and wrongly depicted with the snake, standing for evil apophis darkness and chaos, whereas in truth the set, isis, love, and of course also women dont stand and arent evil at all! its complicated a bit but think about this. also, is apophis and apep, for agyptans the allmighty as well as for christians and muslims in reality, its the alpha and the omega, nibiru, planet x etc. all the history is written a theistic way having all sorts of dualism in it. if u see it an atheistic way, u see planets light and stars and you will miss the other dualisms that the teistic way our history is written shows and contains. spiritual immortality is enlightenment. physical immortality is longevity. the pine, a tree becomm 1000s years old is a metaphor for this in many cultures and religions. we as humanity can be immortal as one, like a pine tree, but only on the right path, truth, trust and love. every person is a leaf on that tree, it will fall of, but if you lifed a life on the right path, the tree and eventually your teachings and doings can remain immortal. konfuzius says, there are 3 ways you can learn. the bitterest is trial and error, the easiest is to copy, and the wisest and best is to think! also he says, if he had to put all his teachings into one sentence, it would be: dont let there be any evil in your mind! gandhi says, there is no way to piece, peace is the way! love, have a good day and all the best from austria!

i wanted to tell you this also: even though nibertcher apep apophis and set(satan enki luzifer, poseidon...) partly wrongfully stand for darknes, evil, partly stand for evil thanks to dualism and also mistakes over time, you have the atheistic physics way in it as well. nib er tcher spoken and pronounced in german sounds like: nibiru ist der herrscher meaning nibiru is the lord. he is the alpha and the omega, the allmighty and also the returning(cycling) messiah stands for this from some perspective. our whole time system and math and geometry derive from 1 sha, which means 3600 years and also the german word jahr or year has to do with it. 1 sha is 1 cycle of the "the only god", the allmighty, the only with the potential among the gods to be the alpha and the omega. again dont forget about theistic and atheistic points of views and all the dualism. guys, together and on the right path, with heart as a mediator we will survive the upcoming return of this thing. cataclysm means catastrophe plus cyclic. lets go on like kings(its in the german word kinder for children) together, with both heart and mind. a clown is heart only and a dwarf is mind only. isolde isis isabella and island stand for love, also islam does mean this. what i see is this: i am an islamist in term of i try to live a way of the heart(the holy grail is the path of truth, trust, and love) (im a christian but u get me...), plus* i am a democrat, meaning me and u have a voice that weighs equal. if you realize this, all can live together in harmony and we will overcome any troubles without violence and force. :)