14Nov/166:46 PM

The Dawn of Mixed Reality - Psychotronics and Futability!

psychotronics couples directly with your brain. a carrier signal, available globaly without implants on single and crowd targets,(maybe think of the movies Gamer, Avatar, Strange Days or Iception, to name only a few available related!) is projected tirectly into "life perception"(pulsed microwave streams), including feeling and emotion(also real motion is possible). i think all the world should consider put the cards on the table and demand a global, humaine concept for living a happy life knowing psychotronics doesnt know many firewalls, the brain can develop concepts to countermeasure psychotronic manipulation, but you cant basicaly do anything against it. your safe in some way though, you will remain yourself by personality even after a hard distortion of perception. we need technology and we need to think futurable. why not also a mixture of sience and entertainment? with psychotronics, u have the future in your mind! lets make it good! maybe trying to go on some path of truth, trust and love, all without violence or force. we need a good athomsphere for being creative and not fearing to tell once truth. truth leads to trust, and trust to love! you could say fear prevents love from being, so its very important we have no violence nor force. with psychotronics, you can interconnect yourself with someone else! there is some pretty clever technology that can amplify any of your imaginations scope including dreams. think of a picture of a blue car. have it in crystal clear, >>dreamlike<< resolution in your mind. the amplyfyer does its job very good. there is a huge sample database of human brain signals, which reflect pretty much any state a living being can have. you trigger it with your thoughts, which are aprroximatly almost instantly up to 1,2seconds readyly interpretable in advance of possible human prceprion(my own guess based on observation when the virtual intelligence tried to replace and alter my original thoughts and impressions, really my whole perception of everything. into a very bad and shitty, raping way. psychotronics need regulation and it needs global public attention. if you have an idea, you could send it to :-) ! lets create the word we love together! and remember, human rights are not negotiable. science mustnt be harmful, we need to find ways to learn without disturbing. Lets see what the future brings and in case ur heads down atm, be sure you have the true hope all can go and be good.