08Nov/165:55 PM

Psychotronics and Advanced Augmented Reality.

"The electric potential of the mind." - Let's think about the possibillities by intelligently retransmitting such, even living dynamic, signatures, wireless into the perceptors recognition. Plus, you are not alone, thanks to psychotronics, a whole focus group can interconnect theyr minds, inner eyes and ears and perceive any "stimuli signatures", recorded/generated, together, in a "aware dreamlike" state of yourself and others imagination, emotion, vision, sound, ideas and well even body-movement if wanted. That and more is advanced augmented reality! - Good for health-sciences, education, entertainment, and much more. Together with Psychotronics, key future technologies become a reality(100% Holodeck/Avatar/Strange Days/Inception/Gamer like ^^). What, this in fact allready 90 years old technology lacks since today, is regulation* and public awareness. So spread the word! :P =)

OpenStax — Electric Potential from emotiv on Vimeo.