Blog November 2016

14Nov/169:56 PM

Truth, Trust, Love

let's try it with heart and history:

only in new times set(isis) standing for love but also the woman were set the same with being the evil part in the duality of light dark, good bad, man and woman. in egypt the osiris(the sun) stood for life and until easter they saw the darkness grow, days becoming shorter....

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14Nov/166:46 PM

The Dawn of Mixed Reality - Psychotronics and Futability!

psychotronics couples directly with your brain. a carrier signal, available globaly without implants on single and crowd targets,(maybe think of the movies Gamer, Avatar, Strange Days or Iception, to name only a few available related!) is projected tirectly into "life perception"(pulsed microwave streams), including feeling and emotion(also real motion is possible). i think all the world should consider put the...

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08Nov/165:55 PM

Psychotronics and Advanced Augmented Reality.

"The electric potential of the mind." - Let's think about the possibillities by intelligently retransmitting such, even living dynamic, signatures, wireless into the perceptors recognition. Plus, you are not alone, thanks to psychotronics, a whole focus group can interconnect theyr minds, inner eyes and ears and perceive any "stimuli...

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