26Jan/136:24 PM

Mumble Theme - Root Lounge v0.1

Maybe you're interested in this remix of 4 different mumble themes:

(Get it here and follow the readme.txt to install.)

For comparison: This is the mumble 1.2.3 standard skin:

The skin, compatible with mumble version 1.2.x is clean and leightweight.

(Note that the layout can be changed via drag and drop.)

The free, downloadable package deliveres also fonts, psd as well as xcf files to adjust the logos active and inactive states, depending on mouseover.

Also: The expansion of channels is animated - thanks to an insightfull tip of the Slightly skin.
The Basic Layout comes from the Norn Battlegod skin, most of the icons from the Oxygen as well as the original mumble theme. Also the Settings window has a new look:

You can download the package(~1,7MB) from >>here<<. Decompress the archive and follow the readme.txt to set it up.

There is a project page for the skin at:

May all your hits be crits!(unknown, online) :-)